I am an experienced saltwater fly fisherman but have only very limited experience fishing for trout. I have been out on the river twice with Derrick now. I have been on guided trips before but never before with someone who was so patient and willing to teach a virtual beginner. I recall his pleasant company, his answering my many, probably stupid, questions and a crash course in trout knowledge and fresh water techniques like none other. I also remember some terrific trout brought to the net and Derrick trying to convince me that catching that real-non stretched 20” brown trout was a very big deal. I think the big deal is a guide putting a rookie client in the right spot with the right technique to catch a 20” brown trout! I absolutely and without qualification recommend Derrick for his excellent guide service. Just don’t book him when I next go up to the Farmington!


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I have been very successful striper fishing from a boat for many years. A few years ago, I unfortunately sold my boat and needed to learn how to fish from the surf. I realized very quickly that I needed some serious guidance. This past winter, I went to one of the workshops that Derrick gave and was blown away. I then booked a 1 on 1 surf lesson with him at which I took over 8 pages of notes! With what I learned, I am happy to say that I have caught more large bass this spring alone than I did the last 3 years combined! There is no doubt in my mind that I owe this success to what I learned from you Derrick, so I thank you greatly.

Mike Dillon


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