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Derrick Kirkpatrick

(21inch Wild Farmington River CT Brown Trout)

Born in Milford Connecticut, Derrick picked up fishing at the age of 6.  He started out hitting local ponds in the area and then moved on to a more skillful level of angling. At age 11 Derrick purchased a cheap fly rod and taught himself to cast. He expanded his species list targeting trout, striped bass, and carp; both spin and fly. At the age of 18 Derrick engaged in a tradition of going up to the Farmington every opening day with a bunch of friends. One of these friends is Derrick Lambert, a multi-talented man whose experience and knowledge include; artifacting, ice climbing, hunting, trapping, wood crafting and of course fishing among many other areas of expertise . He was the one to turn both Kierran and Derrick’s hobby into addiction by giving them guidance and showing them how to do things the right way; and most importantly, to appreciate both land and water.
At the age of 22 Derrick attended guide school in Avon, Colorado. Fly Fishing Outfitters, the #1 Orvis endorsed flyshop of 1998, trained and certified him as a guide. Since then Derrick has been a fly fishing manager for The Orvis Company and an assistant manager for Cabelas. With the combination of a Bachelors Degree in IT and free time, CT Fish Guides was born. Derrick guides fresh, salt, fly, and spin for both beginner and advanced anglers. His specialty is the Farmington River and considering the many hours he’s spent on the water, Derrick can help up your game quickly. Targeting big, high quality fish is Derrick’s favorite pastime, let him share some of his knowledge and experiences with you.

(CT Surf Caught Stripe Bass)

(PA Steelhead)

(Housatonic River Carp and a Farmington River Ct Rainbow Trout)

(Farmington River CT Browntrout)


(Naugatuck River CT Salmon and a Farmington River Ct Dry Fly Caught Brown Trout)

(30inch NY Browntrout)